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StayCloze is inspired by trust, control, and love for social media users.

Let’s StayCloze! 

We at StayCloze, dreamt of the next generation in online communications, envisioning a social networking app and private chat app that would give people everywhere the most exciting and helpful sharing technology with privacy built into the design - where members would feel secure and respected. StayCloze is a proud MADE IN INDIA social networking mobile application MADE FOR THE WORLD.

StayCloze built a global team of visionary individuals - fun, good people determined to revolutionize social media and build a new platform which restores decency, privacy, and respect for social media users. Social Media and Social Contacts are growing exponentially day by day which makes difficult to organize and watch the updates from friends and family members. StayCloze - Best Social Media App in India, provides optimized and simplified social networking experience and also some interesting and unique features. 

StayCloze (with family & friends) is a new social networking mobile application. Get to know your relationships better even from your extended families from FAMILY TREE. StayCloze provides BEST PRIVACY CONTROL while sharing the daily stories and posts. Experience NEWLY DESIGNED TIMELINES and see only what you want. Check out new posts from your family & friends in quick time. Want to HIDE YOUR SECRET FRIENDS and their PERSONAL CHAT HISTORY? Then StayCloze APP is for you. Share Your Short Videos and Become Popular. Find new friends nearby and get connected. Want to have much more fun? Join Events, Pages and Groups and connect with like-minded people. 

StayCloze is the visionary culmination of determined efforts, research, and development to provide people around the world with a communication network they love and trust. StayCloze is a place to have open conversations and bring people together. 

Take back the control of your social media!

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