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1 What is StayCloze?

StayCloze is the rapidly growing high integrity social network with all the social features people love. Built on principles of trust, control and love, StayCloze protects its members with the industry's first Privacy Bill Of Rights.

Available worldwide on iOS & Android platforms, StayCloze is the next-gen social network with exciting, easy-to-use features people love for connecting with friends, family, and common interest groups, including: newsfeeds for your close friends and contacts; pages; private one to one chats; custom group profiles; public groups; an excellent custom camera with GIF creation; stories; personal cloud storage; and features you can't get anywhere else like StayCloze FAMILY TREE, unique TIMELINES. StayCloze provides optimized and simplified social networking experience and also some interesting and unique features.

StayCloze provides BEST PRIVACY CONTROL while sharing the daily stories and posts. Experience NEWLY DESIGNED TIMELINES and see only what you want. Check out new posts from your family & friends in quick time.

StayCloze members enjoy total control over what they share along with full ownership of their content and data. The next-generation social networking site has no facial recognition and content manipulation, like other social media platforms. StayCloze team members see every post, chat, comment, etc., made by the members, pages and groups they are connected with, in true timeline order. Want to hide your secret friends and their personal chat history? Then StayCloze APP is for you. Share Your Short Videos and Become Popular. Find new friends nearby and get connected. Want to have much more fun? Join Events, Pages and Groups and connect with like-minded people.

StayCloze is social media done right!

Download now from PLAYSTOREAPPSTORE and simplify your social networking experience.

2 When did it launch?

StayCloze launched worldwide in 2021.

3 How Old Do You Have to Be To Use StayCloze?

StayCloze requires that their user be at least 13 years of age.

4 Why does StayCloze ask for my phone number or email id?

We ask for your phone number or email id when you register for an account in order to confirm that you are a real person but not a bot. When you sign up, we will send an SMS with a verification code to the phone number or to the email id you registered with, to confirm your account.

We don’t use your phone number or email id for anything else other than confirming your account with StayCloze. For additional information, go to our Privacy Policy.

5 Does StayCloze own what I post on StayCloze App?

No. StayCloze is a social networking platform that allows you to post or share content like photos, videos, documents and audio files. We don’t own your content and nothing in our Terms of Use transfers to us or to any others ownership of some of the content you post or allowance on StayCloze App.

6 Where does StayCloze store data?

Our servers are located in USA.

7 Who does StayCloze share my data with?

We only share your information in very specific cases, with third parties for security purposes or to comply with our legal obligations (e.g. responding to verified requests from law enforcement in third party lawsuits).

We do not trade your data or any personal information of yours with anyone for money.

8 What does StayCloze do with my data?

Some information you share with us we will only use:

• to provide you login access and to use StayCloze;

• to communicate with you,

• for security purposes,

• to keep you updated about StayCloze products, features, community news, and services we offer,

• And to improve the StayCloze app.

We make every effort in anonymizing and aggregating the data we receive wherever possible. For example, anything you post or share on StayCloze will be seen by those who follow you, but we aren’t keeping track of what you as an individual user are doing on the platform.

9 How to hide/unhide another StayCloze user in Chat?

If you want to Hide any of your friends or family members from Chat list then do a long press on user and enter secret PIN, select one or more friend(s) you want to Hide from Chat list and press Save button.

Your personal contact is not displayed in your public friend list. However a hidden contact will materialize normally in conversations and this may expose their hidden status to anyone who can see the conversation.

If you want to unhide a friend then enter secret PIN and then do a long press on user and select one or more user(s) you want to unhide and then press save button.

10 How to use timelines in StayCloze?

StayCloze App has four timelines.

1. Home (Public) – Public timeline shows public posts or public stories from both connected and unconnected users.

2. Family – Family timeline shows posts and stories from your connected family members.

3. Friend – Friend timeline shows posts and stories from your connected friends.

4. Only Me (Private) – You can save your Personal\Private memories (images or videos) in Only Me timelines. Posts saved in Only Me timeline are visible only to you.

11 How to use Family Tree?

Family tree is one of the unique features which make users to know their relations better from their extended family members as well. You can add your parents, partner, and child in Family Tree and also any one from your extended family members. You can either invite your family members to install StayCloze and link them to your family tree or you can directly add them even if they are not a registered user in StayCloze.

If you want to view Family Tree of your spouse/partner or any other family member in Family Tree then click on that user profile in Family Tree and click on My Family Tree to view his/her family tree.